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Investigation Services


Eagle provide a comprehensive range of services to solicitors, corporate and private clients. Our expert surveillance teams are able to carry out detailed surveillance operations in order to obtain vital evidence on behalf of clients which will assist their case.


We have at our disposal access to all major personal information databases. We provide tracing services to help find from missing persons to bad-debtors who have skipped without paying their biils. We offer a non trace no fee service for most types of enquiry.

Legal Services

Process Serving

Affidavits of service and reports are professionally prepared and returned to cleints promptly. Our staff are familiar and informed with up to-date changes in legislation.
Matrimonial Investigations

Identification of a third party. Confirmation of a partner or spouses involvement with another individual and the degree of that involvement. There may be doubt whether or not an affair is taking place, we at Eagle supply a service that ensures 100% peace of mind either way. Unfortunately some individuals actions are not always innocent and we have professional methods of confirming or denying doubts. We also offer advice on how to approach such delicate situations and our investigators are trained to be compassionate in this volatile area.

Recovery Services


In order to collect outstanding monies, either on a commercial or private scale, at Eagle we command a fast and efficient service to obtain debts on behalf of our clients.

No matter how small a debt or how large, we adopt a professional approach to obtaining accounts back to our customers.

We consider the issuing of proceedings as a last resort, and often a prompt, professional letter prior to action leads to the desired effect. However sometimes proceedings are required and our high professional standards are applied to such cases. Eagle Investigations reassure clients that a sensible, professional and discreet manner is always adopted to your recovery needs.

Certificated Bailiffs

With over 20 years experience, Eagle Investigation Services offer a professional service which is executed efficiently, responsibly and in a manner which protects not only your business interests, but also your reputation.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise provide us with an unrivalled ability to expedite a resolution on behalf of our clients with the minimum of drama.

Whether it is the repossession of goods or premises, or the removal of unwanted and unlawful tenants, we are able to provide a cost effective solution.